Advanced Lean Pull-Planning Course launching early 2016

AGC EF’s Lean Construction Certification Program (LCCP) will launch new course this winter

The demand for the Lean Construction Certification Program (LCCP) training continues to grow as Pacific Northwest construction companies recognize the need for more efficient and cost-saving delivery methods. Responding to numerous requests, the AGC Education Foundation will now offer Advanced Pull Planning.

Advanced Pull Planning is a  four-hour continuation module of LCCP Module 3: Pull Planning.  The module is geared toward general contractors, subcontractors, superintendents, project managers, foremen, and anyone interested in conducting a pull-planning session.

The course outline allows time for in-depth training about common roadblocks, preparations prior to the first pull-planning session, and preparations for a successful session. Participants will step through the post pull planning six-week look ahead, and weekly and daily work plans to ensure they are equipped to maintain the projects well after the development of the first schedule.

“The pull planning module was the most helpful of the LCCP series because it has the greatest potential to help my company,” one participant said. “It really showed me the power of collaboration.”

Advanced Pull Planning Topics
•   Pre pull-planning meeting with subcontractors
•   Pull-planning preparations
•   Managing a productive pull-planning session
•   Extended explanation of six-week look ahead weekly and daily work plans
•   Pull-planning tips and common roadblocks

Course pre-requisite — LCCP Module 3: Pull Planning

For more information, contact Dan Morris, Director of Education and Training, at or 206.284.4500.

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