Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) Program credits

The AGC Education Foundation has joined the Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program to help fund college Construction Management scholarships. GET is Washington state’s 529 prepaid college tuition plan. GET credits are purchased in units, with 100 units totaling one year of full-time undergraduate tuition. Non-profits organizations can purchase up to 5,000 units.

With GET, money is saved by prepaying part or all of the student’s college tuition costs now, to avoid paying higher costs in the future. The state guarantees that the value of the account will keep pace with the rising cost of resident undergraduate tuition and state-mandated fees at the most expensive public university in Washington.

The following corporate and individual donors have purchased one or more GET credits for the AGC EF:

John Addison
Cindy Barber
Paul Carter
David Evangelisto
Mitch Hart
Kirt Jones
Casey Vallee
Mary Zavaglia
Wilcox Construction

Thank you for supporting our future scholars!

For more information, please contact Adrienne Woods at