Ready Set Build program

Hands-on teamwork and problem solving with Ready Set Build

The AGC Education Foundation Ready Set Build program is a three hour hands-on construction learning experience developed for 5th through 8th grade students. Ready Set Build staff brings a construction project into the school setting where students are assigned tasks which utilize:

  • applied math
  • analytical thinking
  • team work
  • communication skills

The Ready Set Build project is a life size prefabricated coffee house that comes in pieces. Students are divided into teams and outfitted with tools to do framing, wiring, and plumbing. Each team is responsible for making sure that their task gets done correctly and on time. The carpentry, teamwork, communication, and leadership tasks integrated into this project are designed to translate to real life job skills.

AGC Education Foundation scholarship recipients continue the tradition of giving back by helping facilitate this program

For further information, please call Sarah Babcock at 206.284.4500 or email:

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