CWU student spearheads partnership with the Foundation

The generosity of the AGC Education Foundation’s partners allows our programs to consistently flourish and creates opportunities for our scholarship recipients to get involved. During her junior and senior years at Central Washington University, Kindra Scobba received multiple scholarships, including: the 2013-2014 Betcher Family Foundation Scholarship, the 2013-2014 Hugh S. Ferguson Endowment Scholarship, and the 2014-2015 Donald and Clarice Bocek Scholarship. Her engagement with the Foundation exemplifies the vision of our founders and generous donors.

“The AGC Education Foundation offered me more than financial support,” she said. “Yes, the scholarships took a lot of stress out of being a college student, but they also came with a network of people to help me through my college career.”
Throughout both years, Kindra participated in some of the Foundation’s programs made possible by the Byron W. & Alice L. Lockwood Foundation, including a Mentorship Day for CWU’s construction management students, and a remodel of the Foundation’s Ready Set Build program.

The Foundation’s Mentorship Days have become a favorite tradition among Foundation scholars and construction management students. Kindra found it to be such an impactful experience that she sat on the panel this fall to give guidance to current CWU construction management students. Thanks to her leadership, a group of CWU students gave the Ready Set Build program a much-needed remodel. The Ready Set Build program is popular with middle-school students, introducing them at a young age to the science and math elements that go into construction. Moving forward, the AGC EF has a program that is much more physically manageable and appropriate for the students who are using it.
Kindra graduated from CWU in June, and is employed with Mortenson Construction, the company she interned with for two summers. She achieved her goal of working in healthcare and is currently assigned to the Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hill Campus.

“Work is challenging, and of course there have been some ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change a thing,” she said. “Working full time is rewarding and there is something new every day to keep me on my toes.”
The Foundation is proud to support Kindra. We look forward to seeing her contributions to the industry.

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