NEW: Foreman Training Program (FTP)

Program completes full circle of leadership development training

The building industry in Washington state continues to flourish with the increased demand for individuals in the workforce. The rapid increase of people being promoted to new leadership roles within their companies has created an immediate need for leadership training.

Working with general contractors and one of our leadership instructors, Dave Scott, the Foreman Training Program (FTP) launched in April to complete our full spectrum of leadership training programs. As an instructor for both the  Supervisory Training Program (STP) and Project Management Development Program (PMDP), Dave saw the need to help aspiring journeymen and new or struggling foremen receive a solid basis of formal leadership training.

“Unfortunately, a journeyman may become frustrated when promoted to foreman due to the lack of formal training,” Dave said. “The feeling that the skills will be learned by ‘on-the-job’ training can lead some to fail.”

Dave has more than 35 years of construction experience. He worked as a carpenter, carpenter foreman, and a general foreman before being promoted to his current role as general superintendent. His construction background gives the students an experienced perspective of what is needed by today’s foreman to succeed.

“From personal experience, one of the most challenging changes in the construction industry may be the move from tradesman to foreman,” Dave said. “Going from doing things to getting things done requires a completely different skill set.”

The Foreman Training Program is a four-session class that focuses on how to take a print and work through manpower requirements, production rates, print reading, RFI writing, safety, materials take off, and sub-contractor management.  By the end of the program, students will have the confidence to be successful in managing the day, week, and overall project.

Since the program’s inception, nearly 80 students have been trained in the Seattle, Northern, and Southern AGC districts.

“When the opportunity opened up for our foremen to take the class in the Southern District, it was well attended by our team,” said Don Coovert, safety director for Korsmo Construction, who has sent seven employees through the program. “Even our more seasoned foremen commented that they benefited from the course in addition to confirming that they were doing a lot of things right.”

Click here for more information on upcoming FTP classes.

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